gaUT2m8s_400x400 is a blockchain company with a goal to provide, a privacy-first, data ownership layer using blockchain technology and tokens. CEO and Co-founder of the company is an ex-Paypal Blockchain director, a great asset for the fledgling blockchain industry but it seems he made a possibly wrong move lately.

A recently hired team member on Snickerdoodle Labs, Todd Chapman is known to leave his previous company without a hint, where he was working as CTO and was a co-founder there. His departure was so sudden that everyone was in shock. He left in a very unprofessional measure that the company has to move very quickly to reorganize itself. But with the clever maneuver of the CEO, COO, and newly hired VP of Engineering, everything was in order in a week.

Todd was working with Scott Davis on his last company and even though they are known to dislike each other, he actually made a move to also make Scott Davis hired to the new company (a strategic move?). Scott was handling the international hiring and handling the contracts who were hired while also assisting project management even though he was a designer. Due to that connection, to the international team, Todd actually reached out to Scott and asked him to join the Snickerdoodle and bring others with him. He accepted and moved to the new company but there was another gameplay, what about the international team in the old company?

Well, Scott tried to steal all of them in some secret 1:1 meetings with a better wage and bonuses, but not everyone was fond of Scott, and Todd’s unprofessional departure was also a big issue that he may do the same wherever he goes. While Scott convinced a small part of the team (possibly due to 1:1 relations), others were reluctant to move and while the theatre was in play, something disturbing was revealed;

The company learned about this new secret employee stealing move and started to make counter-offers to the key players of the company but while wages are discussed a shocking and very disturbing thing is revealed.

It seems Scott Davis and his company Uxly were illegally cutting the wages of hired international team members for years. At first, it was thought that it may be an outsourcing matter which would be normal to get a profit but then it’s revealed that he was even siphoning the wages of direct contractors of the company. Some were just a few hundred dollars and some were thousands. Since he was the one who was sending the wages to the international teams, none were the wiser. While the company thought that they were paying $1500 for Jason (a made-up name), Scott was just sending $950.

Some of his old colleagues who considered him as also a friend was shocked.

Scott Davis was confronted and his and his company’s relationship immediately cut off and everyone affected had a nice pump to their wages with small extra bonuses. The company may sue Scott since there is too much evidence, and it will be a direct win.

It’s not known If Todd Chapman was aware of this illegal wage cut and just played along but we don’t think that he knew.

The question is, will Snickerdoodle Labs continue to keep those people in the company and risk losing their reputation and trust even from the beginning or they will act quickly and fix this problem? We’ll see.

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