The true cause of bitcoin’s recent pullback and how the Davos globalist agenda plays a role.

This is an opinion editorial by Andrea Bianconi, a research assistant at the Idaho Freedom Foundation, which is a public policy think tank.

An analysis of the fundamentals, recent geopolitical and macroeconomic events and their impact on Bitcoin’s future.


In the last few months, financial markets have

Make no mistake, those sponsored politicians are not idiots (well some are …). They are very well paid actors and they are fulfilling their role splendidly. They are executors and they have to implement an agenda. The puppeteers and their puppets know what they are doing.

By expropriating Russia’s assets and by weaponizing the dollar they have killed the dollar, the U.S. Treasurys and the euro as reserve currencies and safe assets. This suicidal move of the U.S. administration cannot be explained if not with the prevalence within the U.S. government of non-American interest. Indeed, rather than American interest, the latest moves are beneficial to a global government and global money at the expense of the reserve status of the U.S. dollar.

Basically, both the U.S. administration and the EU, do not represent their citizens anymore — rather, they represent the gang of Davos. Independent geopolitical analyst Tom Luongo shares the same view: “… that the American president, ‘as a proxy for the oligarchs in Davos, is acting on their behalf to ultimately weaken the U.S.’”

All this, aims to create the crisis needed to transition to a new monetary system based on a supranational/global money which could well be the special drawing rights (SDR) reserve asset of the International Monetary Fund. Under that global money a new set of national digital currencies (in the form of CBDCs) could be used to guarantee their globalist puppet governments the very same old privileges which they enjoyed so far in an unconstrained fiat system: unlimited power to create digital fiat money and control how this is spent. Their vassals would continue to profit from the Cantillon effect at the expense of society and continue to expropriate real valuable assets in exchange for fiat digital worthless currencies. Wealth inequality will continue to increase.

Global enslavement could ensue for the ignorant masses globally.

Everything changes and nothing changes.

With some luck though, their plan now has two fierce adversaries. The first one they have themselves created and it is the unexpected and unwelcome result of their geopolitical crazy games. The other one has been there since 2009 but only more recently came into their crosshairs.

Russia and China, together with the rest of the global South and the East, have been forced in an inextricable alliance for survival and independence from the West. They have had enough and have stopped playing a game made by someone else with someone else´s rules. The short-lived American unipolar global order — born in 1989 after the fall of communism — ends now, and a new multipolar order is born. Again, this new multipolar order and the consequent deglobalization, should be a thriving environment for Bitcoin, the embodiment of decentralization. Since gold and bitcoin are the only existing assets with no counterparty risk they might even play a role in the coming monetary reset. They might be part of the basket of currencies and/or commodities chosen to back up the SDR or whatever else is chosen. In this article I have postulated the reasons why a monetary reset might mean $18,000 gold and $650,000 bitcoin.

“More likely though governments will not use bitcoin but only gold in a monetary reset. After all this is the real asset that the biggest central banks own. Bitcoin then will become the preferred reserve asset for all non-sovereign institutions and also small developing nations which have little gold reserves. In this scenario, the Bitcoin standard will be likely adopted by the legacy financial sector, commercial banks (which can use bitcoin as a reserve asset to offer a new wave of commercial free banking services), corporations and individuals. Basically, the world might be using two monetary systems mutually integrated: an upper tier – for governments and central banks – running with SDR as the global world currency fractionally backed up by gold reserves; and a lower tier for small sovereigns, banks and individuals running on national fiat currencies and bitcoin as a reserve asset, frictionless moving between fiat currencies for expenditures and bitcoin for savings. This would be the ideal solution.”

At least this is what I hope. Anything short of that will mean a dark future for humanity.


Despite the recent price pullback, Bitcoin’s fundamentals and its investment case are stronger than ever. Never before has the protocol been more secure. It continues to grow and adoption is on the rise especially in developing countries, where Bitcoin represents a lifesaver for millions of people. As we have seen, even the most recent geopolitical events paint a bullish case for Bitcoin. That background though is fluid, complex and with so many variables, it is impossible to forecast what the outcomes will be.

The war in the heart of Europe, the high risk of an escalation outside of Ukraine’s borders, the high inflation and a global crisis building up in the energy, commodities and food sectors and the Western currencies inflating after years of monetary madness to fund consumerism and asset bubbles rather than productive investment: All this should in my opinion compellingly direct investors towards the ONLY asset which acts as protection against such complex and worrisome background thanks to its unique features. Bitcoin achieves absolute scarcity, true decentralization, censorship resistance, immutability, the highest protocol security, unlimited portability, relative anonymity and unique cash-like finality to settle peer-to-peer transactions in a parallel financial system. But this is the first time in history that we are at such a complex juncture with Bitcoin so we will have to see what happens next.

Then we have the Davos variable.

The powerful financial elite and the new tech oligarchs own also the largest mainstream media channels and publications and basically all the leading global corporations in an intricate web of money, power and vested interest which is unprecedented in recent modern history. For years they have also funded, formed, nurtured, sponsored and shaped the minds of their career bureaucrats and political puppets and have installed them in key posts to take care of their interests. As they are pulling the strings to fight those non-aligned governments – which thrive for independence and do not want to bow to their new global order in the geopolitical arena – you should also expect that they will fight Bitcoin tooth and nail, since Bitcoin is THE tool which enables true independence, self-sovereignty and decentralization.

It is a fight between two powerful forces. The one pushes towards an authoritarian globalist regime based on the central banks’ control of new digital money, the abuse of surveillance tech and the control of big data. The other is a fully decentralized asymmetrical technology which empowers the majority of the people over elitist central entities thanks to the unique combination of cryptography, encryption, difficulty adjustment and POW (proof-of-work – this is why POW is needed and the whole debate about POW and proof-of-stake for Bitcoin is preposterous).

It is a battle between a top-down authoritarian power and a bottom-up tech market-based revolution which can bring about the very much needed separation of State and money.

One is the dark Middle Ages, the other is the early American dream and the Western frontier free spirit.

Someone said that being decentralized does not mean being disorganized. I agree. It is probably high time for Bitcoiners to come together in an organization similar to the Bitcoin Mining Council, at least to study the scenarios and the background that I have mentioned in this article and somehow elaborate some countertactics. At least debating over such topics will also bring ideas.

Count me in.

As for the rest, Bitcoin remains “the wrench thrown in the evil globalist engine.” It will no doubt continue to do its work against evil and for the free world provided we let it do what it has been programmed to do.

Being a Bitcoiner means always holding your keys, having a low time preference and

investing for the future to be a free man.

This is a guest post by Andrea Bianconi. Opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc. or Bitcoin Magazine.