Joining the likes of Nike, the sportswear manufacturer Adidas has announced its entrance into the crypto industry. As a first-ever, Adidas Originals, a sub-brand of the German sportswear clothing firm, has announced a partnership with Coinbase.

Adidas Originals Tweeted;

Adidas Joins the Booming Metaverse

Most discussions in the crypto space are now centered around the metaverse concept. While early speculations suggest that the collaboration between Coinbase and Adidas could be rooted in payments, another collaboration changed public opinions.

After reports of a partnership with long-time metaverse platform the Sandbox emerged, many now believe Adidas will be treading the same path as Nike. Even more, interestingly, the Sandbox tweeted;

While Adidas has refused to respond to a request for more information about the partnership, it tweeted “adiVerse, anyone?” two days prior. In addition, Coinbase has been greatly focused on building an NFT marketplace. 

Harnessing the power of both platforms, Adidas could look to turn to NFTs or venture much deeper into the cryptoverse by accepting crypto payments and launching its own metaverse.

On The Flipside

  • Adidas is already behind its competitor, Nike, which has already revealed its metaverse dubbed ‘NIKELAND,’ also applying for patents with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office 

Why You Should Care

The metaverse is rightly one of the most talked-about technology and concepts because it has the potential to change how we work, play, and interact in the future


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