On December 11, 2019, the CEO of Twitter announced the company was funding a project aimed at creating a decentralized social media standard. Jack Dorsey said that the ultimate goal of the project dubbed “Bluesky” is for Twitter to be a client of the standard. A year and eight monthsRead More →


Ever since the CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey, started appreciating the crypto asset bitcoin, crypto enthusiasts have been following his coattails. However, there are very mixed views about Dorsey because while some people adore him, others are skeptical of his goals as his firm has been accused ofRead More →


The Nasdaq-listed auto insurance company Metromile has purchased $1 million in bitcoin. The company plans to “become the first insurance company to allow policyholders the option to pay for insurance and receive payment for eligible claims in either bitcoin or dollars.” Auto Insurance Platform Adds Bitcoin to Balance Sheet TheRead More →


Award-winning hip-hop artist Megan Thee Stallion has published a video of herself explaining the basics of bitcoin, including what it is, why it is valuable, and how to obtain it. The famed rapper previously gave away $1 million in bitcoin to her fans in collaboration with Square’s Cash App. FamousRead More →


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has hinted how many bitcoins Tesla owns after revealing that the fair market value of its bitcoin holdings was $1.47 billion as of June 30. Tesla Holding About 42K Bitcoins Tesla’s technoking, Elon Musk, has commented on how many bitcoins his electric car company owns inRead More →


Elon Musk’s electric car company, Tesla, is holding bitcoin worth $1.311 billion. The company did not buy or sell any bitcoin during the second quarter but recorded bitcoin-related impairment of $23 million. Tesla’s action reaffirms Musk’s prior statement that neither he nor Tesla had sold their coins. Tesla’s Q2 BitcoinRead More →


The upcoming Tesla Q2-2021 earnings call, which will be announced this Monday after market hours, will at last shed some light on what has happened with the company’s bitcoin holdings. The company held more than 1.5 billion dollars in bitcoin on Q1 and has reported only one sale to “testRead More →


CNBC’s stock analyst and crypto investor Jim Cramer says he’s still bullish on his choice to invest in ethereum after removing bitcoin from his portfolio. Three days ago, Cramer tweeted that he’s “sticking with” his ethereum position “but not adding to it.” Jim Cramer: ‘Ether Is a Pied Piper Security’Read More →


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says that bitcoin will be a big part of the company’s future. “If the Internet has a native currency, a global currency, we are able to move so much faster with products such as Super Follows, Commerce, Subscriptions, Tip Jar, and we can reach every singleRead More →


Spacex and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed that he personally owns bitcoin, ethereum, and dogecoin. Meanwhile, his companies, Spacex and Tesla, own bitcoin. He also said that bitcoin’s energy usage “is shifting a lot more toward renewables,” and Tesla will likely resume accepting the cryptocurrency after he does moreRead More →