Volatility is an alluring cryptocurrency investment trademark. Higher volatility adds additional crypto criticism to fuel the negative market sentiment. Social media has a powerful impact on Bitcoin’s price swings. Since July 20th, crypto’s market capitalization has increased by more than 100%, rallying from $1.2 trillion to $2.35 trillion on SeptemberRead More →


Read in the Digest BTC + ETH Weekend Moves, BTC Dominance Drops SEC Seeks Crypto Community Collaboration Binance Changes Offering in Singapore South Korea Telcos to Use Blockchain for Environmental Protection Zilliqa to Launch NFT Marketplace BTC + ETH Weekend Moves, BTC Dominance Drops Cryptocurrencies made a spectacular entrance intoRead More →


The OpenSea marketplace recorded an absolute monthly trading volume high of $2.43 billion.  NFTs target investor demographics from the crypto space as well as the art/collectibles space. Fractional NFTs demonstrate investor intent to create secondary markets for the transaction of NFT parts. Bitcoin’s store of value narrative was developed afterRead More →


Crypto hello to all the 1st and 2nd players! Read in today’s crypto gaming news: The Biggest Crypto Gaming Conference Announced for September Electronic Arts Is About to Enter Blockchain and NFTs My Defi Pet’s Smart Contracts Were Approved by Peckshield First Binamon NFT Game Is Released and Available toRead More →


A Deloitte survey showed that 76% of the participants anticipate that digital assets can replace fiat currencies. Digital assets could replace physical currencies in the next 5-10 years. 65% of elderly executives believe that cryptocurrencies should be adopted as a payment method. The financial world expects blockchain technology to infiltrateRead More →


Taoping Inc. (TAOP) has signed a mining deal with Kazakh company Aral Petroleum Capital LLP. The MoU will see the Hong Kong blockchain firm build a cryptocurrency mining site with a total capacity of 100MW. To increase its mining capacity, TAOP has signed a purchasing partnership with Hoover Investment GroupRead More →


High authority social media personalities can move cryptocurrency market prices. Twitter’s permissionless nature encourages fast information dissemination, creating enclosed niche crypto communities. Trends observed amongst Twitter messages influence the market direction and trading sentiment. As people, we cannot assess and process the abundance of data flowing through all media channels.Read More →