As LUNA’s life support was all but switched off on Friday, BTC and ETH rallied, with prices climbing by as much as 10%. Today’s price surge saw bitcoin climb above $30,000, with ETH once again trading above its $2,000 level. Bitcoin Bitcoin rebounded and was trading higher in today’s session,Read More →


Following a fall below $30,000 on Tuesday, BTC marginally rebounded, as prices began to consolidate above support. ETH was also higher in today’s hump-day session, climbing above $2,400 in the process. Bitcoin Bitcoin’s bleeding somewhat eased on Wednesday, as a marginal rebound pushed the price above $30,000. Prices were tradingRead More →


Bitcoin plunged below $30,000 for the first time in eleven months, as bears continued to run rampant in crypto markets. This move came as Luna Foundation Guard was said to be liquidating close to $1.5 billion worth of BTC. Ethereum also fell to multi-month lows, as prices hovered slightly aboveRead More →


The cryptocurrency economy has shed a lot of value during the last six months dropping 48.70% from $3.08 trillion to today’s $1.58 trillion. While crypto markets looks extremely bearish these days, a few crypto advocates have theorized the bear market will be less harsh this time around. Furthermore, there’s alsoRead More →


Bitcoin fell to its lowest level in over two months, as Friday’s non-farm payrolls report showed an addition of 428,000. It was expected that last month’s payrolls would show an increase of 391,000 jobs — lower than March’s figure of 431,000. ETH also fell on the news, hitting a six-weekRead More →


According to a report published on Thursday, the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) explained that it acquired 37,863 bitcoin worth more than $1.4 billion through two over-the-counter deals. The LFG now holds 80,394 bitcoin in its reserves currently worth just under $3 billion using today’s exchange rates. Luna Foundation Guard ScoopsRead More →


Bitcoin moved closer to $40,000 during Thursday’s session, as traders continued to react to yesterday’s Fed rate hike. The FOMC opted to increase interest rates by 0.5% during May’s meeting, which is the largest hike in over twenty years. Bitcoin Bitcoin rose for a second consecutive session on Thursday, asRead More →