Read in the digest: SEC Approves ETFs of Companies that Hold Bitcoin, Including Tesla and Twitter Tether Updates: Allegations of Funds in Chinese Debts, $1B Lent to Celsius, CEO Leaves Twitter Binance Considers Ireland for “Decentralized” Regional Headquarters South Korea to Tax Cryptos, Russia to Add Crypto Regulation The SECRead More →


Premier decentralized exchange Uniswap wrapped up Q3 with new, exciting updates to the network The Uniswap Auto Router launched, helping users automatically find better prices on their trades UNI, the native tokens of Uniswap, now features its first large-cap fund, thanks to a Grayscale listing Uniswap also announced that theRead More →


Welcome to all the Player 1s and Player 2s! In today’s digest, read about: A Bomberman-inspired game with play-to-earn features has been launched. Polkacity released a new gameplay demo. It seems like GTA or Saints Row but on blockchain. Battle Racers will be available to play on smartphones in theRead More →


Qtum is a value transfer proof-of-stake blockchain that combines the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain fundamentals to develop an ideal blockchain for developers  Built for developers and users, Qtum is built to improve on four areas: governance, rigidity, interoperability, and the high cost of the proof-of-work mechanism The price of QTUMRead More →


Today, Polkastarter announced the successful upgrade to their IDO platform, Polkastarter V2, nearly one year after starting the project. After a year of incredible growth, the development team released a number of major updates to the platform that will improve the customer experience, streamline UI, and offer new opportunities forRead More →


Read in the Digest Breaking news: The U.S. won’t ban crypto. Visa unveils unified payments, Robinhood’s popularity wanes, Binance pushes for regulatory compliance. Singapore regulators licence DBS Bank and IR, South Korea to begin crypto tax in 2022. TikTok joins the NFT trend, JPEG’d to launch CryptoPunks lending. Breaking News:Read More →


Crypto hello to all the Player 1s and Player 2s! In today’s digest, find out about: Snoop Dogg invites users to become his virtual neighbours. Binamon is going portable. Decentraland has announced a virtual incubator. Mythical Marketplace for Blankos Block Party has entered beta. PlanetSandbox partners with GameFi, and DNAxCATRead More →


The importance of the industry has led several dozen universities to offer academic crypto training courses. The course seeks to expand knowledge about the network and cryptocurrencies, and meet the growing demand for specialists. Prestigious universities in the United States, Europe and several Latin American countries are promoting higher levelRead More →