Minutes of standing ovation followed Cudos’ latest announcement at the AIBC summit. The decentralized cloud computing blockchain network will partner with Tingo to tackle the poverty premium through mobile monetisation applications.  The announcement happened on stage at AIBC Malta, a global event unifying Ai, UI, IoT and Quantum Tech andRead More →


About Feed Every Gorilla Token (FEG) is a deflationary governance token of the FEG ecosystem, which includes decentralized exchange and several passive income incentives.  FEG token is meant to reshape the working model of decentralized transaction networks.  The token went live on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks in earlyRead More →


What comes to mind when you hear Airbnb? Like many, you are probably thinking of a platform that connects end-users with their choice of rented accommodation anywhere around the world. How about a similar service for cloud storage? Fully decentralized storage network The current cloud service landscape is predominantly centralizedRead More →


Smart Inu, the only verified and audited smart contract investment platform on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, has introduced its innovative investment solution make it easier for users to start investing in crypto assets on BSC. The Binance Smart Chain has seen explosive growth in developer and user activityRead More →


Player 1 and Player 2, choose your characters!  Today in the weekly gaming digest:  Valve hesitant to return P2E games to Steam, while GameStop looks for specialists for its NFT marketplace. Halloween NFT drops from blockchain games: Blankos Block Party, My Neighbor Alice, Decentraland, The Sandbox, X World Games, Enjin,Read More →


THORChain (RUNE) has had an outstanding rally, doubling its price in one week, setting a 90-day high in the process RUNE began rallying after THORChain announced the reactivation of its pools THORChain has scheduled its mainnet launch for the Christmas holidays Nine Realms Capital is currently working on integrating TerraRead More →


Bistroo, the peer-to-peer food ecosystem based on blockchain, announced that they are onboarding multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Binance Coin (BNB) to be used as a payment method on their platform.  This move significantly extends the existing payment options, including fiat currency and the platform’s native BISTRead More →


There’s a lot of buzz around the Polkadot ecosystem as the community awaits the November 11th parachain auctions. Just days after Gavin Wood announced the $776 million development fund, the first crowdloans for the next set of auctions has already begun. As the Polkadot ecosystem anticipates the parachain auctions, DOTRead More →


Read in the Digest; U.S. Treasury to modernize policies for crypto, institutions hold record amounts in Crypto. Ethereum 2.0 network update, Binance has burnt $639 million. Polkadot announces $774 million development fund ahead of parachain auction. Crypto fraud losses up by 30% in 2021, costing the U.K. more than $200Read More →


Multi-chain protocol, Klaytn set themselves the ambitious goal of triggering mass adoption of the blockchain experience. Klaytn has built an ecosystem that almost encompasses all aspects of cryptocurrencies, including NFTs. Klaytn continues on the path to its goal with the integration of Fleta, a fast, scalable blockchain. With a 1,680%Read More →