It seems that Elon Musk might be warming up to Bitcoin…again. The self-proclaimed Technoking’s public positioning regarding Bitcoin and crypto in general has been more volatile and erratic this year than Dogecoin’s price action. As CEO of Tesla, and Chief Engineer of SpaceX – Musk was invited to be aRead More →


Alexis Ohanian wore a CryptoPunk NFT at the MET Fashion Gala. Fashion outlets and labels integrate NFTs to embrace digital creative and authentic assets. Valentina Sampaio created a CGI dress that’s being auctioned as an NFT through OpenSea. The value of NFTs is often misunderstood by the broader public, asRead More →


Read in the digest: SEC Approves ETFs of Companies that Hold Bitcoin, Including Tesla and Twitter Tether Updates: Allegations of Funds in Chinese Debts, $1B Lent to Celsius, CEO Leaves Twitter Binance Considers Ireland for “Decentralized” Regional Headquarters South Korea to Tax Cryptos, Russia to Add Crypto Regulation The SECRead More →


OP Games, a startup that enables game developers to monetize their work using Web 3.0, raised $8.6 million of seed funding. Leading blockchain venture capital firms participated in the round, including Republic Crypto, Ascensive Assets, Morningstar Ventures, Mechanism Capital, Polygon Studios and Bitcoin.com. Additional investment came from Mentha Partners, OKexRead More →