Elrond started an exciting collaboration with Cudos, a decentralized cloud computing network used by 300,000 businesses and individuals in over 145 countries. The Cudos validators network connects on- and off-chain resources, bridging the immutability of blockchain networks with the power of computing resources provided by a distributed network. This allowsRead More →


Taoping Inc. (TAOP) has signed a mining deal with Kazakh company Aral Petroleum Capital LLP. The MoU will see the Hong Kong blockchain firm build a cryptocurrency mining site with a total capacity of 100MW. To increase its mining capacity, TAOP has signed a purchasing partnership with Hoover Investment GroupRead More →


President Vladimir Putin has tasked several ministries and the central bank to prepare to verify information provided by government employees about their digital asset holdings. The order comes as part of a new plan to combat corruption which was recently approved by the Russian leader. Authorities to Inspect Crypto DisclosuresRead More →


As blockchain technology expands its horizons, attention is turning towards Hollywood with the introduction of a brand new decentralized series titled “HODL,” which will feature fan engagement tokens and highlight mining services-for-all. Audience to Gain Exposure to Token Incentives and Mining Art imitates life in one of the latest expressionsRead More →


Attackers are abusing an attack vector present in one of the most popular execution engines (Argo Workflows) to repurpose Kubernetes systems to mine cryptocurrencies. The attack exploits a vulnerability in the system of permissions of Argo Workflows machines connected to the internet, deploying malicious workflows that install Monero-based containers. AttackersRead More →


The Chinese mining crackdown forced many miners to stop their operations and relocate. But another group of miners is planning to pivot to new, more efficient mining schemes to keep operating in the country. Lesser-known tokens and proof-of-stake-based systems are now in the sights of these miners as ways toRead More →


An industry association representing the Russian crypto sector has launched a project to entice bitcoin miners. Despite its abundant sources of cheap energy, Russia is now lagging behind Kazakhstan, another Eurasian Economic Union member, in terms of cryptocurrency production. Russian Project Aims to Expand Country’s Crypto Mining Capacity The RussianRead More →


Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc., the mining firm based in Upstate New York, has announced the company has partnered with the Digital Currency Group mining and staking subsidiary Foundry Digital LLC. Furthermore, Greenidge revealed that it has purchased 2,300 Microbt-manufactured Whatsminer M30S mining rigs and also secured financing for 6,000 Bitmain-madeRead More →


PRESS RELEASE. Panther Protocol has joined forces with StackOS, a decentralized cloud protocol, to deliver privacy and data protection tools. As a meta-protocol focused on end-to-end privacy for any digital asset, Panther is of great interest to virtually all DeFi users looking to benefit from personal financial data protection andRead More →


At the end of 2020, darknet markets (DNM) set new records as marketplaces like White House and the Russian-language DNM Hydra led the pack. A report published on May 25, shows Hydra saw a 624% year-over-year growth rate in three years, and researchers estimate roughly 75% of illicit DNM transactionsRead More →