In a digital world of echo chambers and binary thinking, digital currencies and e-money are more diverse topics that polarize public opinion. Despite calls to ban crypto and over 400 bitcoin obituaries being written since 2012, the rise of digital assets continues to gain momentum while the interest rates offered by legacy financial institutions continueRead More →


IOTA leads the way with its state of the art DLT network, Tangle SUSEE (Secure Sensor Platforms for Smart Energy Networks) has chosen to use Tangle as the core technology for building a large scale sensor network The beta release of programmable smart contracts is currently in development for theRead More →


India’s securities and commodity market regulator, SEBI, has announced the launch of a blockchain platform The blockchain system, which will debut in April 2022, will be used to monitor the credit ratings of non-convertible securities and covenants closely From a crypto-averse nation, India could be test-piloting a Central Bank DigitalRead More →


The Altcoins Month: Sandbox, Celo, Solana, Cosmos, Arweave, Harmony. The Biden administration and new crypto reporting. Partnerships: IOTA + Gaia-X; Celo, Aave, Curve, Sushi for DeFi. Robinhood suffers, PayPal explores stock trading.  NFT News: OpenSea hit $3B, Spider-Man, Vincent Van Dough The Altcoins Month: Sandbox, Celo, Solana, Cosmos, Arweave, Harmony Read More →


Global adoption of crypto is on the rise. According to the recent Chainalysis Global Crypto Adoption Index, the overall year-over-year uptake increased 880% compared to 2020 as seen in the chart below. Courtesy of Chainalysis 2021 The Chainalysis team found differing drivers of this increase based on economic variance amongRead More →


Thousands of assets and cryptocurrencies come to existence every day, obtain valuable investments from people and eventually die. The value of these assets is highly dependent on what people think about them and that makes them extremely volatile. This is exactly where Nether comes into the picture. The Europe-based cryptocurrencyRead More →


One prominent stumbling block to most brands, whether large or small in scale,  is their ability to navigate the marketing landscape.  For the majority, understanding how to deliver a new product to the appropriate market, the right people, and in a way that satisfies specific needs is just as importantRead More →


Emerging economies are more focused on adopting BTC than industrialized ones. However, the use of cryptocurrencies continues to grow on all continents. Nigeria outperforms the US in relative use and possession of BTC by users. Africa leads the world in Bitcoin peer-to-peer exchange volume, according to UsefulTulips data. In theRead More →


De Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch Central Bank) issued a warning against Binance for illegal operations in the country. The Netherlands is a practical location for individuals to own cryptocurrencies because there are no capital gains taxes. Dutch Central Bank regulations have pushed a lot of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency businesses outside theRead More →


The whistleblower exposing US military war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan is conducting a security audit  on this full-stack privacy infrastructure Former US army soldier, Chelsea Manning, had joined Nym  to security audit their cutting-edge code to prevent mass surveillance. The audit will be completed before the Nym network hitsRead More →