Read in the Digest Oil Prices Drop, Followed by Crypto Crash Outages Lead to Drop in Coinbase Shares, the SEC Threatens Lawsuit Germany to Introduce Tokenized Mutual Fund Shares El Salvador Highlights Crypto Volatility Once Again Oil Prices Drop, Followed by Crypto Crash Once again, the spotlight was on theRead More →


In a digital world of echo chambers and binary thinking, digital currencies and e-money are more diverse topics that polarize public opinion. Despite calls to ban crypto and over 400 bitcoin obituaries being written since 2012, the rise of digital assets continues to gain momentum while the interest rates offered by legacy financial institutions continueRead More →


Indian-situated platform ‘Rainmaker’ has just released its brand new fantasy cryptocurrency and stock game. The game is aimed at cryptocurrency lovers and those who wish to learn more about this category of asset and the stock market. Players have the option to choose from around 20 different formats of freeRead More →


Iran will lift the ban on block reward mining starting September 22nd. Prior to banning Bitcoin mining, Iran accounted for 4.5% of the global hashrate. Iran has already issued 30 mining licenses to prevent additional power outages. Proof-of-Work, the consensus mechanism powering the Bitcoin network, has been criticized for itsRead More →


India’s securities and commodity market regulator, SEBI, has announced the launch of a blockchain platform The blockchain system, which will debut in April 2022, will be used to monitor the credit ratings of non-convertible securities and covenants closely From a crypto-averse nation, India could be test-piloting a Central Bank DigitalRead More →


Taoping Inc. (TAOP) has signed a mining deal with Kazakh company Aral Petroleum Capital LLP. The MoU will see the Hong Kong blockchain firm build a cryptocurrency mining site with a total capacity of 100MW. To increase its mining capacity, TAOP has signed a purchasing partnership with Hoover Investment GroupRead More →


Solana’s rally continues: $100 milestone surpassed. ETH-based products increase by 72.8%. Government updates: Dubai, Honduras, China. Binance removes the Norwegian Krone, listing new coins and future contracts. NFT News: CryptoPunks, Mutant Apes, Bored Apes, Stephen Curry, OpenSea, Invisible Rock. Solana’s Rally Continues: $100 Milestone Surpassed Solana (SOL) broke the historicRead More →


The bullish market sentiment and daily news that notes its increasing acceptance are injecting confidence into the market. Stock exchanges, brokerages and banks have been preparing for the imminent; the expansion of the crypto market and the satisfaction of demand. If the Federal Reserve schedule is altered by the deltaRead More →


Bitcoin Updates: Price, HODLer all-time-high, liquidations, hashrate, investments.  Kraken updates: donates $250,000 to Ethereum 2.0 developers, claims for European license. The world’s first intelligent NFT creator funded to build iNFT metaverse. Philippine government to tax Axie Infinity players. NFT updates: Facebook, Galaxy’s “Shadowy Super Coder,” Firework Artist’s 2nd NFT, Fetch.ai.Read More →


The global list of nations with the highest crypto consumption is topped by Vietnam. Crypto usage has risen almost nine times in the last year, especially across Latin America. The two Latin American countries, Argentina and Venezuela, rank among the top 10 countries for users of digital currencies on theRead More →