With the rise in DeFi projects, decentralization has begun replacing the traditional financial services of today To facilitate its global adoption, Celo has launched a $100 million fund featuring Aave, Curve, and Sushi Celo has also collaborated with DuniaPay to give residents of West Africa easier and cheaper access toRead More →


In a digital world of echo chambers and binary thinking, digital currencies and e-money are more diverse topics that polarize public opinion. Despite calls to ban crypto and over 400 bitcoin obituaries being written since 2012, the rise of digital assets continues to gain momentum while the interest rates offered by legacy financial institutions continueRead More →


Emerging economies are more focused on adopting BTC than industrialized ones. However, the use of cryptocurrencies continues to grow on all continents. Nigeria outperforms the US in relative use and possession of BTC by users. Africa leads the world in Bitcoin peer-to-peer exchange volume, according to UsefulTulips data. In theRead More →


Emerging economies are among the top countries to adopt cryptocurrencies. Asian countries have the highest percentage of people who own cryptocurrencies. Lower fees for transferring funds and a lack of trust for domestic currencies catalyze crypto adoption. Emerging markets are not entirely included in the global economy due to aRead More →


Current digital interactions are flawed because they do not safeguard the interests of young people. Blockchain creates an immutable digital footprint of athletes’ interactions. Lack of data makes combating human sports trafficking inefficient. Blockchain can solve most of our current societal and technological issues as its technology unlocks the inconsistenciesRead More →


Employees of Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation may become the first in the country to get their salaries in digital currency. The National Bank of Ukraine is developing an electronic version of the Ukrainian hryvnia and the ministry is considering the option of using the state-issued coin for remuneration. GovernmentRead More →


Vienna-based crypto platform Bitpanda has announced the firm has secured $263 million in a Series C funding round. The financing was led by Valar Ventures and Leadblock Partners, Jump Capital, Alan Howard, and Redo Ventures joined the investment round. The latest financing gives Bitpanda an overall valuation of $4.1 billion.Read More →


A young South African electronics engineer has rued his decision to delete a text document containing the keys and password to a crypto wallet that held some 20 bitcoins. According to the engineer, the lost coins had been mined more than ten years ago using a modified personal computer thatRead More →